About Me
Who am I?
I'm an insatiably curious designer who is passionate about empowering people and uplifting brands through beautiful designs driven by strategy and empathy. My detail-oriented nature helps me craft pixel-perfect designs, while my big-picture thinking means I never lose sight of what's important.
When I'm not at a computer or scribbling furiously on post-it notes, you can find me either curled up with a cup of coffee and a good book or out exploring the city (probably looking for my next cup of coffee and a good book).
What do I do?
I love working on brand strategy, identity systems, design systems, design thinking, UX/UI, and all-around visual design needs. I'm especially passionate about using my design powers for good and I actively seek out opportunities to make positive social impact.
My key design values:
Human first. 
Design for real people and their needs, design for inclusivity, design for good.
Create with intent. 
Every decision should be purposeful and informed by values, goals, evidence, and empathy. 
Make it last. 
Is it coherent, flexible, scalable, sustainable?
Collaboration is key. 
Design is better together! 

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